Training Programmes

We Provide Radiation e-Learning Programmes


Fully Accredited and Endorsed Programmes

  •  All Radiation Protection Training Programmes are accredited and endorsed by the relevant professional body or academic institution.
  • All content meets compliance and regulatory requirements for Radiation Protection Training.
  • Professional CPD

Programme Content Customised for each Stakeholder

    • CEO’s and senior management
    • Patients
    • Clinical referrers
    • Nurses and midwives
    • Healthcare professionals and support staff

Customised Programme Content


Radiation Protection Programmes have been developed for various stakeholders involved with Medical Ionising Radiation; programmes provide information on legislative and regulatory responsibilities for hospital CEO’s and senior management, clinical referrers of medical ionising radiological procedures, healthcare professionals and staff working in areas where radiation is used.

Individual Programmes cover;

  • Governance and Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Protection for Patients
  • Introduction to Radiation Protection
  • Staff Radiation Protection
  • Patient Radiation Protection
  • Radiation Protection for Healthcare Professionals

Programme Structure


Programmes are designed to be undertaken individually or as modular units and each programme comprises of;

    • Learning outcomes and course objectives.
    • Interactive content and video.
    • Audio explaining key concepts.
    • Interactive quizzes.
    • Knowledge check questions.
    • Certification

“National Radiation Safety Committee”