Excellence and Expertise in Radiation Protection Training

**A lifetime of experience and innovation in Radiation Protection Training**

Bernadette Moran

Radiation Protection Programme Director

Bernadette has wide academic and clinical qualifications and experience of radiation protection and has campaigned for patient and worker safety in Medical Ionising Radiation in Ireland, Europe and Internationally.

  • Director of MSc in Medical Imaging (including Radiation Protection) Trinity College Dublin 1996-2015
  • Radiographic Services Manager, St James’s Hospital
  • Advisor to the Medical Exposure Radiation Safety Unit (MERU) in the HSE
  • Member of Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy (IIRT)
  • Member of the European School of Radiology
  • Department of Health representative on the Heads of European Radiological Competent Authorities (HERCA)

“In 2010 Bernadette began the development of a Patient Radiation Safety Manual which was launched in 2013 and is now used in the majority of hospitals in Ireland”